Lodwick technique
Creativity in movement through rhythm and dynamics

"Peter Lodwicks technique gives a control that is the basis of genuine creativity"
Gunnar Brunvoll, former director of The Norwegian National Opera  

I have developed a technique to enhance artistic qualities and awareness in movements, text and song. It also provides a tool for individual creativity that can be used both as a dancer, teacher and/or choreographer and for actors and singers. The technique is based on rhythm.
The course/workshop is divided in two sections, first part being group work with physical exercises in rhythm, dynamics and phrasing. In the second half the students work in small groups creating movement sequences/choreography by integrating all they have learnt in the first part.

"Through this technique I have gained confidence in my own creativity. As well as last understanding the relationship between music, dynamics and movement." Student Oslo National Academy of Arts

The technique has been part of the curriculum at The National College of Dance for over 25 years and Bårdar Academy, Oslo for more than 13 years. Published in "Dans", Tell Forlag. Also taught at National College of Opera, National College of Theatre, The Norwegian National Ballet School and Ballet Company, The Norwegian Ballet Unions summercourse amongst others.

Peter Lodwick is a graduate from the Royal Academy of Music in London. He has worked both for BBC and the Norwegian Broadcasting Company NRK. His music has received wide acclaim at many European festivals. Peter has composed for many choreographers and he is a much sought after accompanist for both modern and classical dance. He is artistic director/performer with Dans & Toner.

Reviews from Students at Oslo National Academy of the arts:

“You are a fantastic and positive teacher who has given us space and taken us seriously!”


“I have learned the importance of phrasing, tempo, attacks, pauses and dynamics. I have improved my stress management, concentration, leadership and cooperation – thank you!” 

 “You create a space with safe boundaries where we dare to expose ourselves. This yields a huge development and improved confidence.”

“This was an unbelievably good course! It has given me a completely new understanding of the importance of rhythm and dynamics in movement and I have personally grown so much.”

“I have opened up and dared much more. As a dancer this course has been of great importance – you are an incredible teacher!”

“I have learned so much about rhythm and dynamics in music and movement. This has given me the possibility to express myself in new and different ways.”

“I have learned so much in your classes! I have improved my understanding of both music and dance and found it very exciting to be allowed to create both as an individual and in groups. This has been absolutely fantastic!”

 “I have developed a lot because of this course, both in my own creativity and in the use of rhythm and dynamics.”

  “This has been an incredible meaningful period and the only place we have been allowed to use our own creativity.”

 “I find these classes varied in exercises and assignments - we do and learn so much! The choreography workshops based on rhythm has inspired me to believe in my own creativity. The rhythm exercises have developed my own feeling of rhythm. The classes have been both fun and inspiring – I would love to have more of this.”

Reviews from students at Bårdar Academy:

”You create a space where we feel safe to expose ourselves both individually and in groups. This gives us enormous self development”.

“I have experienced a huge self development through these classes”.

“This course has been unbelievable. The whole class has developed so much!”

“I have learned to use music and to find different ways of accenting my movements. No other teacher has ever taught me so much as you Peter!”

“I would love to have more of these classes, since you are the only teacher in this school that shows us how conscious use of rhythm and phrasing can improve the artistic interpretation and quality of movement.”

“Peter Lodwicks technique should be obligatory for all dancers!”