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"Peter Lodwicks music creates an illusion of poetry"

Dagbladet (national press Norway)

"Wherever I teach a ballet class, when using recorded music, Peter Lodwicks CD’s are a great success, either for international professional companies or academies and universities. His music does not only serve as a tool of rhythm but as an inspiration to reach qualities in the interpretation of dance."
Jens Graff, Principal Dancer and Professor of Dance Interpretation

"Peter Lodwicks new orchestrated CD "Music for Ballet Class" came as a fresh wind into the ballet world! It is a joy to listen to his lively "tendus" and delicate "fondues". Graceful, beautiful, dynamic, intense and humoristic music that lifts and inspires the whole class.As a teacher it is wonderful to have so much variety on one CD. It makes my work much easier and more enjoyable. My students have expressed their delight with this new music, which also inspires their own creativity. The CD is multifaceted and can also be used for improvisations or small choreographies."
Louise Bothner-By, Principal of Lillehammer Ballet School

"Having taught students at the Norwegian Opera Ballet School for many years and now running my own ballet school, I find Peter Lodwicks "Music for Ballet Class" very inspiring for all ages and levels. His music gives you breath of movement and the little extra touch that makes dancing a real pleasure."
Anne Torill Frich, School Principal
“I use Peter Lodwicks CD “Music for Modern Dance Class” constantly for  children and adult classes. It´s very versatile and has many inspiring melodies. The different musical styles allow for the use in ballet, contemporary and creative children´s dance class. But above all I think it´s good music and fun to listen and move to".
Gabriela Buccarello, choreographer, dancer and teacher

"Peter Lodwick has, with this recording, composed music that makes the class "fly"! His playful rhythms make the music much more than just the supporting element; it becomes a dynamic exploration of the true meaning of movement. Peter integrates his enormous knowledge of ballet as an art form, with an artistic insight that transforms an every day class into an artistic experience. The music has a joy that is infectious - inspiring both dancer and teacher to a delight in moving!"
Lars Anderstam, Former director National College of Ballet and Dance, Norway

"Our ballet school has all of Peter Lodwicks CDs for dance. We use them a lot because of the wonderfull music, the very good arrangements and the fact that they are so suited for dance. We are happy to recommend these CDS!"
Rogne Musikk- og Ballettsenter

"Peter Lodwick is a unique composer and musician for
dance!"    Aftenposten, National Newspaper

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