Peter Lodwick "Peter Lodwick is a unique composer and musician for dance".
 Aftenposten, National Newspaper

Peter Lodwick is a composer, musician and photographer. This site presents his music, both the CDs he has created for dance & movements and compositions he has created for a wider range of audience.

"Moments" contains eleven tracks suitable for everybody that loves soft and beautiful music. It is an inspirational "escape" from everyday stress. Go to the page and listen to short examples.

"Music for Ballet Class, Vol 1" and "Music for Ballet Class, Vol 2", both contain more than 30 tracks of music. Music for barre and centre work with orchestrated pieces suitable for all ages and levels. Peters motivation for creating these orchestrated CDs, is to enhance and inspire musicality and artistic quality to a ballet class. Breath, dynamics and variation are the key words for the compositions.

"Music for Modern Dance Class" contains 28 tracks with pure piano and orchestrated pieces of different genre. It presents a variety of styles, tempi and rhythms to inspire a wide range of teachers and dancers. Today’s commercial music has a limited range of tempi, dynamics and phrasing. This CD address these issues and is suitable for a wide range of modern Dance.

 Music for ballet Class, Vol 1 by Peter Lodwick  Music for ballet Class, Vol 2 by Peter Lodwick  Music for Modern Dance Class, Vol 1 by Peter Lodwick  Moments by Peter Lodwick
Music for Ballet Class, Vol 1  Music for Ballet Class, Vol 2  Music for Modern Dance
Class, Vol 1