Music for Ballet Class,Vol 2

Music for Ballet Class, Vol 2 by Peter Lodwick

Music for Ballet Class, Vol 2 contains 30 new tracks for barre and centre work with orchestrated pieces suitable for all ages and levels. Peter Lodwicks motivation in creating this orchestrated CD, is to add an extra dimension to a ballet class and thereby enhance and inspire musicality and artistic quality. Breath, dynamics and variation has been essential in the creation prosess.

"Wherever I teach a ballet class, when using recorded music, Peter Lodwick’s CD’s are a great success, either for international professional companies or academies and universities. His music does not only serve as a tool of rhythm but as an inspiration to reach qualities in the interpretation of dance."
Jens Graff, Principal Dancer and Professor of Dance Interpretation

1. Facing the barre,4/4
2. Plié,4/4
3. Tendu 1,6/8
4. Tendu 2,4/4
5. Tendu 3,4/4
6. Dégagé 1,6/8
7. Dégagé 2,6/8
8. Rond de jambe,3/4
9. Fondu, 4/4
10. Frappé, 2/4
11. Adagio, 4/4
12. Grand battement, 4/4
13. Streching/Adagio/Plié, 3/4

14. Tendu center,6/8
15.  Adagio 1,6/4
16.  Adagio 2,4/4
17. Prep.Pirouette,4/4
18. Pirouette 1,6/8
19. Pirouette 2,3/4
20. Rond en láir/Piruettes, 3/4
21. Waltze 1,3/4
22. Waltze 2,3/4
23. Jumps 1,2/4
24. Jumps 2,6/8
25. Jumps 3,2/4
26. Jumps 4,2/4
27. Grand allegro 1, 3/4
28. Grand allegro 2, 3/4
29. Piques,3/4
30. Reverence,3/4
"Peter Lodwick inspires the class with his musicality, rhythm and exceptional understanding of dance".  GDT (training for professional dancers)

Marit Krogeide, Consultant

Marit Krogeide, Photo: Grim EvensenMarit Krogeide graduated as a professional dancer from the National College of Arts in Oslo. She has worked with leading Norwegian choreographers and performed as a soloist both in musicals and for television. She is a soloist and choreographer with the company Dans & Toner. In between her numerous tours, she teaches classical ballet at advanced and professional levels. She is currently working at Bårdar Academy, Oslo and as manager for Dans & Toner. More information at

The publication of this CD is supported by Fund for Performing Artists, Norway, CD cover Design: Peter Lodwick

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