Music for Ballet Class,Vol 1

Music for Ballet Class, Vol 1 by Peter Lodwick

"Music for Ballet Class". Vol 1 contains 33 tracks of originally composed and arranged music. The tracks are arranged with the intention of inspiring and stimulating both teachers and pupils and can also be used for choreography.

"Peter Lodwick has, with this recording, composed music that makes the class "fly"! His playful rhythms make the music much more than just the supporting element; it becomes a dynamic exploration of the true meaning of movement. Peter integrates his enormous knowledge of ballet as an art form, with an artistic insight that transforms an every day class into an artistic experience. The music has a joy that is infectious - inspiring both dancer and teacher to a delight in moving."
Lars Anderstam, Former director National College of Ballet and Dance, Norway

1. Facing the barre,4/4
2. Plié,6/4 
3. Dégagé 1,2/4
4. Dégagé 2,6/8
5. Dégagé 3,2/4
6. Dégagé 4,2/4
7. Dégagé 5,4/4
8. Rond de jambe,3/4
9. Battement fondu,2/4
10. Battement frappé,2/4
11. Rond de jambe en l`air,6/8
12. Adagio,3/4
13. Grand battement 1,6/8
14. Grand battement 2,4/4
15. Stretching, The song "Birds",4/4

16. Dégagé,2/4
17. Grand Adagio 1,3/4
18. Grand Adagio 2,4/4
19. Waltz,3/4
20. Fondu 2,3/4
21. Prep.Pirouette,2/4
22. Pirouette 1,4/4
23. Pirouette 2,6/4
24. Petit allegro 1,2/4
25. Petit allegro 2,4/4
26. Allegro 1,2/4
27. Allegro 2,6/8
28. Allegro 3,4/4
29. Grand allegro 1,3/4
30. Grand allegro 2,3/4
31. Piqué/Fouetté 1,2/4
32. Piqué/Fouetté 2,2/4
33. Reverence,3/4

"Peter Lodwicks new orchestrated CD "Music for Ballet Class" came as a fresh wind into the ballet world! It is a joy to listen to his lively "tendus" and delicate "fondues". Graceful, beautiful, dynamic, intense and humoristic music that lifts and inspires the whole class.As a teacher it is wonderful to have so much variety on one CD. It makes my work much easier and more enjoyable. My students have expressed their delight with this new music, which also inspires their own creativity. The CD is multifaceted and can also be used for improvisations or small choreographies."
Louise Bothner-By, Principal of Lillehammer Ballet School

Marit Krogeide, Consultant

Marit Krogeide, Photo Peter LodwickMarit Krogeide graduated as a professional dancer from the National College of Arts in Oslo. She has worked with leading Norwegian choreographers and performed as a soloist both in musicals and for television. She is a soloist and choreographer with the company Dans & Toner. In between her numerous tours, she teaches classical ballet at advanced and professional levels. She is currently working at Bårdar Academy, Oslo and as manager for Dans & Toner. More info at:

The publication of this CD is supported by the National Academy of the Arts, Oslo, CD cover Design: Peter Lodwick

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